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The Abyss 4.0 Historical Game
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 06:47:47 pm »
Ok so decided to migrate the post to this forum.

It's just for ease of access for people who already navigate it. Also Paradox buried HOI 3 section. Unforgivable.

Hello Folks,

After quite long break, our veterans decided to start yet another Abyss game. However this time, we decided to take more historical approach. Look below for game concepts. House rules are to be established once we complete recruitment.

After several games in which everything was pretty much FFA, we finally found out most of the exploits/cheap moves/ creative plays. We also influenced several changes to the main mod by doing so. At this point we are very confident we can start a multiplayer game, that will feel somewhat balanced.

1. Our Veteran players will be spread out to different factions, leaving important countries for new players.

2. We decided that we will play peace until 1st September 1939.

3. Game will have 10 players perhaps more if stability allows.

4. No TAG teams ( 2 players playing same country)

5. Exception to rule above is when player is defeated, in this case he is allowed to TAG with someone. This way we can all enjoy the game until the end.

I will update this post as more information will be available, we are still working on house rules for this game (pretty much done just few things to clarify)

Current player base:

Me - Japan
oumajgad - USA
Aldimensh - France
DasGleiche - Italy
Ilbris_no _ in my name - Germany
UK - free slot
USSR - free slot
David - Romania
Axis Minor - free slot
Allies Minor - free slot

Edit: 05/11/16

We still need following (preferable) countries:

1. United Kingdom and Russia from Major Powers
2. 3 more Players to fit in as Minors : 2 for Axis and 1 for Allies.

Still few countries to pick so grab it while it's hot...

This game is catered to newbie players, our veteran players will be more than happy to help out with tips on most effective divisions, production tricks and general conducting of war. Despite being opponents we want you to pose a challenge and make you feel comfortable during sessions that you wont get steamrolled. This handicap will last until you are sure you can hold on your own.

Join our Skype Group :
Join us on our Forums:
Join us on Discord :
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Gram tylko w dwóch przypadkach, gdy pada deszcz i gdy nie pada.