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Air & Naval stacking penalties
« dnia: Listopad 09, 2016, 12:39:31 am »
After a somewhat interesting discussion here is first 2 things that should be done before we start our campaign.


Air stacking penalty should be increased in 10% from 2 up to 100% at 11. Most efficient air squadron is 5 airplanes .


Naval stacking penalty kicks in at 12 Hull Size
It is increased by 20% by any additional point of Hull Size
Up to total of 200% at 22 Hull Size

Furthermore Commanders at Sea can command maximum of 20 ships on highest rank admiral, with appropriate decreases on this number for lesser admirals.

This will be dangerous, crossing the limits will make your ships shooting friendly fire only, if doomstacked.

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Gram tylko w dwóch przypadkach, gdy pada deszcz i gdy nie pada.