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Reszta - offtop / Odp: Nagie Kobiety +18
« dnia: Grudzień 06, 2016, 04:19:42 pm  »
ho ho ho

Reszta - offtop / Odp: Znaczenie słowa maszyna licząca oraz jego naprawa
« dnia: Listopad 21, 2016, 02:17:30 am  »
Temat zamkniety i przeniesiony do offtopu. Nieudolna reklama bloga.

done, chillax though :)

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Air & Naval stacking penalties
« dnia: Listopad 09, 2016, 12:39:31 am  »
After a somewhat interesting discussion here is first 2 things that should be done before we start our campaign.


Air stacking penalty should be increased in 10% from 2 up to 100% at 11. Most efficient air squadron is 5 airplanes .


Naval stacking penalty kicks in at 12 Hull Size
It is increased by 20% by any additional point of Hull Size
Up to total of 200% at 22 Hull Size

Furthermore Commanders at Sea can command maximum of 20 ships on highest rank admiral, with appropriate decreases on this number for lesser admirals.

This will be dangerous, crossing the limits will make your ships shooting friendly fire only, if doomstacked.

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Odp: Proposed Economical Changes
« dnia: Listopad 07, 2016, 09:46:32 am  »
That would only mean you have to bring even less for offensives or bring some supply efficient divisions. It is totally fine not being able to extend HARM invasion into central Asia. Rather than this it makes sense to bring some Light Infantry, which could be catered to that role with specific rebalancing. Country that defends such places should have advantage of terrain vs super powerful units of more advanced countries. Even today its not possible to wage comfortable war in these regions. Furthermore it will cut on using ELINF as they are super heavy on supply demand. Instead bringing entire army of them for example as Japan, player will need to find a more reliant solution. Of course it has to be done in such way to not make impossible to invade such places. First and foremost AI spam decisions will need to be removed.

Also as i stated in OP. Not all of these measures need to be implemented. But we surely need some to cut on spam.

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Odp: different CAG types
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 11:10:20 pm  »
Well nothing is yet done. So everything is up for debate. I do have dominant character but i do not see it as something bad. I restrain myself trust me. MOD team roles are not set yet, nut you were like " i wunt mi carriors". I just trying to hold your horses from being bad version of Gezu. I cooperate, you cooperate everything will be dandy. I posted my ideas and stated clearly they are up for debate, and wait for other people voice i am fine with that and so you should. And if i am being forceful this is only in situations when there is too much chaos and derailing. Trust me i wont be dictator, i just want order and clearness.

Back on topic. Me and omg already said that size 3 max 4 is perfect. No reason to crush that balance cause you want carriers on par with land based aircraft. I want things hard to build and meaningful but your proposal is simply too much. Nothing personal i will respect your work but it doesn't mean all your ideas are good. Sometimes people should take a step back. I did it. You saw it yourself.

So by all means be creative and suggest, but don't get mad if someone dislike it. I promise i wont too.


BIMM Multiplayer Games / The Abyss 4.0 Historical Game
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 06:47:47 pm  »
Ok so decided to migrate the post to this forum.

It's just for ease of access for people who already navigate it. Also Paradox buried HOI 3 section. Unforgivable.

Hello Folks,

After quite long break, our veterans decided to start yet another Abyss game. However this time, we decided to take more historical approach. Look below for game concepts. House rules are to be established once we complete recruitment.

After several games in which everything was pretty much FFA, we finally found out most of the exploits/cheap moves/ creative plays. We also influenced several changes to the main mod by doing so. At this point we are very confident we can start a multiplayer game, that will feel somewhat balanced.

1. Our Veteran players will be spread out to different factions, leaving important countries for new players.

2. We decided that we will play peace until 1st September 1939.

3. Game will have 10 players perhaps more if stability allows.

4. No TAG teams ( 2 players playing same country)

5. Exception to rule above is when player is defeated, in this case he is allowed to TAG with someone. This way we can all enjoy the game until the end.

I will update this post as more information will be available, we are still working on house rules for this game (pretty much done just few things to clarify)

Current player base:

Me - Japan
oumajgad - USA
Aldimensh - France
DasGleiche - Italy
Ilbris_no _ in my name - Germany
UK - free slot
USSR - free slot
David - Romania
Axis Minor - free slot
Allies Minor - free slot

Edit: 05/11/16

We still need following (preferable) countries:

1. United Kingdom and Russia from Major Powers
2. 3 more Players to fit in as Minors : 2 for Axis and 1 for Allies.

Still few countries to pick so grab it while it's hot...

This game is catered to newbie players, our veteran players will be more than happy to help out with tips on most effective divisions, production tricks and general conducting of war. Despite being opponents we want you to pose a challenge and make you feel comfortable during sessions that you wont get steamrolled. This handicap will last until you are sure you can hold on your own.

Join our Skype Group : https://join.skype.com/lRbkRNjMK8FL
Join us on our Forums: http://oldgamers.pl/index.php?topic=262.msg997#msg997
Join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/RSJWzF7

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Proposed Economical Changes
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 06:35:12 pm  »
Ok se lets start by the most obvious problem with MP games. Huge fleets, even bigger airforces, artificially implemented house rules that often result in big arguments (stacking penalty anyone?).

I will paint this in broad strokes, i will leave details to people who can focus on them properly. We can use all of these or just combination or just one.

1. Global increase in supply demand.

This has it's merits. It will affect majors but even more so minors. Still it will open up space for building cheap units that do not perform very well, as we can leave them relatively the same as now.

2. Global increase in building times.

Self explanatory, i would propose up to 20% increase in  building times as start point. For all units.

3. Decrease of resources for certain majors.

This is rather experimental. But idea is to shift some resources from majors to minors. To make majors compete for resources on global market (AI countries) in early game, eventually conquering them for access to these resources.
Reduce amount of resources in US and Russia so they can sustain only about 500 IC at most on its own. If you disagree with this number that's fine, we can discuss that and I it's rather complex because if we up the prices then might completely cripple the majors. So discussion here has to take to account entire food chain.

4. Global decrease in leadership point.

Lets face it we should have to pick our techs. Not research them all. Yes even if you murrica or germoni or russia.

5. Increase supply transfer cost,

Making that tech important for certain countries that want to field big army.

6. Decrease buildable level of airbases to 5. Decrease buildable level of ports to 2 or even 1.

7. Make new techs for ships more expensive to build.

I would want new techs to be 30% expensive from previous tec. This way you can pick to build more cheaper but old ships with poor stats. Or new tech ships which are more sturdy better aa and protection from air but more expensive and longer to build. Lets have base cost increased only by 10 %.

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Odp: different CAG types
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 05:18:49 pm  »
Lets face it Gezu, i don't think people neither do I will want play such game. Remember it supposed to be multiplayer rebalance. Not some experimental shit that we wont be even able to test, due to time constraints. Keep it close to original and lets focus on important things. By tomorrow i will compile a list of what needs to be changed and needs to be completed before session in 2 weeks. I can see your tendency to going crazy ideas and defending them with entire might. Think about it we dont need rehaul.

Make carriers with size 3 hangar, and split cags to 3 roles.

I already see where this is going. Arguing silly shit and wasting time because someone likes the idea no matter the implications.

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Odp: different CAG types
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 04:20:08 pm  »
Seems to crazy for me. As much as i want to see some changes this is completely unbalanced. And there are other things to actually mod that people need, If you want to be Picasso paint a picture, lest keep it simple and realistic.

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Odp: different CAG types
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 01:28:07 pm  »
we can cut range of air

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Odp: different CAG types
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 09:55:44 am  »
Only close to coast.

Black ICE Multiplayer Sub-Mod Forum / Odp: discussion thread
« dnia: Listopad 06, 2016, 09:46:06 am  »
No need to think. No edgy stuff period.

Przedstaw się / Odp: Powitać!
« dnia: Listopad 05, 2016, 11:24:19 pm  »

Ja gram praktycznie we wszystko co mi się podoba. Ostatnimi czasy rozgryzam CIV VI. Mój jedyny Total War to Napoleon i Empire. Mogę powalczyć jak masz akurat tą wersję. Ze strzelanek to praktycznie tylko seria BF. Ale jakoś nowy BF mnie nie kręci.

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